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About the Owners

 The owners

We're excited to be heading into another year of business!! Many people still ask how we came up with our name 7 Stars and where did we get all the Star Wars decor from?

 Owners Paul and Marya have 5 kids and all together, they are the 7 Stars. Paul has always been a huge fan of Star Wars and an avid collector. Paul and Marya were married in a Star Wars ceremony and the latest addition to their family is their son Luke, so Star Wars has always been important in their lives.

We've been excited to host many celebrations! We offer custom drink menus (we've done Star Wars, Naughty Princess, and a Totally Inappropriate Drink Menu, to name a few). We've hosted many theme parties too and we love participating and encouraging the themes. We've also had a great turn out for our May the Fourth Be With You parties, complete with Stormtroopers, Slave Leia and Jedis! We also started hosting monthly Art Nights, where we invite local artists to come display their work.

Come see us today and try our great tasting food and one of our delicious cocktails!



Hungry? Try one of our burgers!

Delicious burgers!

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